Album: Rian Swanepoel - Verf die classics rooi

A Night at the Pop-Opera
is a dynamic mix of vocal power!

Part classical, part pop, and completely unparalleled, “A night at the Pop-Opera” consists of a dynamic mix of vocal power -- high-tone opera, jazz, rock, and classic pop; everything from arias to Bryan Adams and Puccini to Queen. Highly regarded as a new musical force to be reckoned with, Rian Swanepoel (Top 10 Idols finalist) and Sylvia Blangwe (Soprano) have been selling out shows and winning hearts with their unmistakable charm and vocal prowess across varied musical genres.

Classically trained Sylvia Blangwe showcases her soprano voice with favourite songs such as “La’Amore Sei Tu “ (I will always love you), “Quello Che Farò Sara Per Te” (Everything I do, I do for you), the sensual “Summertime”, and soars to new heights with breathtaking renditions of “Nessun Dorma” and “Brindisi” .

Top 10 Idols finalist Rian Swanepoel, has a huge vocal range, mastering any music genre, from pop, to jazz, rock, swing, classic-pop-crossover to classics. Rian’s vibrant and energetic personality will light up the night with music from timeless, vintage standards such as Elvis, Queen, Beatles, and Elton John. Rian’s renditions of “La fiamma sacra” and a brand new version of the international hitsong, “You raise me up” are breathtakingly beautiful.

The duettes featured in “A Night at the Pop-Opera” are unsurpassed. The harmonies are exceptionally beautiful and hit songs such as “Nella Fantasia”, “Love changes everything”, “Just show me how to love you”, “Le notte del Silenzio”, “All I ask of you”,  “First of May”, “Barcelona”, and “The Prayer” are in a class of their own. Rian’s pop vocals blend beautifully with Sylvia’s classical soprano voice, creating a unique combination of sound.

Energetic, passionate, humoristic and playful, “A night at the Pop-Opera” crosses all cultural and age barriers, and will appeal to a wide range of listeners.  This production is ideal for theatres, corporate events, private functions and social events.